We are the leading brand in extension lashes. New products and techniques are being constantly developed to push the boundary of eye lash technology which will directly benefit customers.

Our Lashes Brands

Premium Natural Looking Lashes

beauty starts with your eyes “

For Attractive & Elegant Eyes

Lasting & Comfortable

Camellia is the most popular lashes among socialites. Camellia combines gentle texture and denser look. It brings the most comfortable experience to you after 60 minutes

Crazy Mix
Natural & Voluminous

Evolutionary Camellia – 99.9% similar to real lashes. Innovation, unique, over imagination in Fashion and Beauty. Camellia Crazy Mix, brings the most natural and voluminous eyelash extension result. Apply 200 lashes in 10 minutes.

Eyeliner Effect without Makeup

The elliptical root extends the area of application and fulfills clients’ hope to achieve an eyeliner effect without having to apply makeup.

Charming & Sparkling Lash For Your Eyes

Top-priority Lash & Most Stylists Use

Perfect diamond cutting proportion creates a lighter and gentle texture, which makes you forget that you are wearing extension lashes.

Making Your Eyes Bigger and Sexier

Non-invasive Plastic Surgery Lash

Generate your SEXY eye shape immediately! Prolongs your eye shape and makes your eyes bigger and rounder at once.

Cosmetic – Lash

Dilate your pupils with Cosmetic-Lash to make your eyes look naturally perfect.

Glue & Remover

Long lasting and dry x3 times faster

Superluminal Glue

Excellent for advanced stylist

Magic Glue


305 Glue

40 days durability

Remover Gel

Medical Grade

Wisdom Remover Gel

Gentle & easy to operate

Soft Cream Remover

Quick & Effective

” i love looking in those beautiful eyes of yours “

Tools & Supplies

Designed with the latest technology for professionals

Co Co No.1

Straight Tweezers

Headband & Plastic Card


Mascara Wand Brush



To Keep Your Skin Nourished & Maintain Your Appearance

Eyelash Nourishing Lotion

Promote strong, healthy lashes.

Biomooi Coating Sealant

Enhance eyelash extensions


Powerful Lash Styling Gel

Maintain the eyelash extensions

and the curvature

Education Courses

Join Us To Be The Next Top Eyelash Expert

Biomooi All-Rounded Entrepreneur Course (Basic)
Camellia International Eyelash Extension Technique (Advanced)
Crazy Mix Global Training Course (Advanced)

“doing good by giving beauty

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